Research on Networked Multimedia
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  Yutaka Ishibashi    ishibasi[AT]

Assistant Professor

  Yuichiro Tateiwa    tateiwa[AT]

Joint Researchers

 Tokyo University of Science
 Hitoshi Watanabe    kwata[AT]

 The Open University of Japan
 Hitoshi Ohnishi    ohnishi[AT]

 Aichi Prefectural University
 Takashi Okuda    okuda[AT]

 Toyohashi University of Technology
 Takanori Miyoshi    miyoshi[AT]

 University of Macedonia, Greece
 Kostas E. Psannis    kpsannis[AT]

 Seijoh University
 Pingguo Huang    huangpg[AT]

Doctor Students   (D1)

 Nuzrath Hameedha    29454001[AT]

Master Students   (M2)

 Takuya Abe    t.abe.499[AT]

 Daiki Osada    d.osada.555[AT]

 Eijirou Taguchi    e.taguchi.470[AT]

 Yuichi Toyoda    y.toyoda.694[AT]

Master Students   (M1)

 Qian Qin    30414056[AT]

 Papa Latsouck Birame Faye    29154006[AT]

Undergraduate   Students

 Satoru Ishikawa    s.ishikawa.579[AT]

 Kazuya Kanaishi    k.kanaishi.283[AT]

 Ryosuke Shiraki    r.shiraki.231[AT]

Research Students

 Wen Limin    30154002[AT]

 Wang Xianzhi    30154001[AT]

 Chen Lu    30154007[AT]

Ph.D. Candidates in UCSY, Myanmar

 Nwe Thazin    nwethazin[AT]

 May Thu Zar Win    maythuzarwin[AT}

 Hay Mar Mo Mo Lwin    haymarmomolwin[AT]

 May Zin Oo    mayzinoo[AT]

 Suthandar Aung    suthandaraung2018[AT]

 Wyne Lei Lei    wynelei[AT]